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Sex Rules!

Book cover of "Sex Rules!: Astonishing Sexual Practices and Gender Roles Around the World"

From Sex Rules!:

Who’s more obsessed with sex, men or women? Now there’s a no-brainer, declare the Biwat of Papua New Guinea: Women!


Sex Rules!

Astonishing Sexual Practices &

Gender Roles Around the World


     Sex is always hot. Other people's lusty antics even hotter. This book pulls back the curtains on a dizzying array of hilarious stereotype-busting sexual mores from around the world. It is joyful, deliciously outrageous, titillating, hilarious. The fact that it's all true makes it even more fascinating. It takes the ever-intriguing question “What is ‘normal’ sex?” and creates a rollicking worldwide tour with LOL perspectives on extraordinary sexual mores.


     It will astound you, regale you, blow you away. At the same time, it expands your tolerance, proving sex is like happiness – universally sought but subjectively enjoyed.

      This book is unique because its humor is grounded in the author’s extensive research. It was born in the stacks of the Harvard Anthropology Library, nourished by the author’s travels in 35 countries.

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