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Get the Perfect Husband...

You want a guy with status and bucks. Someone who’s cute and sexy. Maybe even a guy your parents like. Tough combo to find! For many, that means marry, then play around in secret. Potential chaos!

Simplify! say the Abisi women of Nigeria. Just marry them all at the same time!

Abisi women

Abisi (aka Piti) women marry at least three men – and up to six. And she marries them all at that same wedding. Hubby #1, her clan chooses for political reasons. Hubby #2, she chooses the cute one she loves. Hubby #3, her parents choose from guys she likes, who pay a brideprice but didn’t win slot #2.

She lives with each husband in turn. Hubby #1 gets her for a year. She can leave before that, but will give up some of her dowry.

Then it’s on to Hubby #2. She hangs with him for a year.

On to Hubby #3. Or not. If she refuses to go, he’s out of luck and loses the brideprice he paid. If she decides to bestow her presence on him, she generally stays with him for a year.

After that, she moves around between husbands, as she likes.

She may even decide to snag yet another husband. Usually an older guy who showers her with gifts, a nicer home, and more money than her younger husbands can offer.

It’s clearly the best way to go, say Abisi women. You get status, romantic love, and financial security without going nuts trying to find it all in one package. Way better than monogamy and playing around. And each husband has his own home and life, so no hassles with jealous guys living in the same space.

Marriage Perfection!


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