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This blog is about connections – the wild and crazy ways we humans pick a sexmate or a soulmate, marry, dress, flirt, etc.


Someday you’ll connect with someone who thinks very differently from you. Are you going to scream AGGHHHIII!!!  Or think, Gee, that’s interesting.


Take sex. A great, fun, healthy activity…with lots of dare-nots and must-do’s, that differ around the world. Sex before marriage is wrong. Sex before marriage is essential.  Monogamy is good and moral. Monogamy is weird and twisted.  Homosexuality is immoral and unhealthy. Homosexuality is normal and makes men strong.


I’ve traveled in over 35 countries. Learned a basic lesson: no one way works for everyone – even for sex. Something seems weird to me? It's perfectly normal to many others, and vice-versa. My conclusion:  If it doesn’t harm or endanger anyone, no need to embrace the differences, but do accept them.


So I hope this blog is both fun and expands tolerance.  It will also give a taste for my book, which is coming soon. More on that later.


Meanwhile, hang onto your hat.  Hop on a wild and crazy ride seeing the “weird” ways people around the world get sexual, married, and, well, connect.

Dr. Janice Zarro Brodman at holy Lake Namtso in Tibet.

Here I am in awesome Tibet


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